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Image of Broke Deck 917 Knob

Broke Deck 917 Knob

$8.00 - $160.00 - Sold out

The original skate-rat Porsche shift knob is back and hungry for first born 🔪

100% recycled from broken dreams and Canadian Maple skateboards, these one-off knobs are a tribute to Porsche’s deadly 917 race car.

We got WEVO mounts. We got Carrera G50 mounts. Heck, we even threaded up some early 356/912 mounts. Add one to your order and we'll epoxy that sucker up. 901/915 cars fit with the stock crush sleeve.

Sorry kids, Batch 9: Back to Basics is sold out. Check the catalog HERE to see what was in it.

Oh yeah — and 25 bucks from every sale goes to SkatePal, because they are awesome. And so are you.

48mm. Limit one knob per knucklehead.

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